Part-time, interim or outsourcing senior management service

Whether you are a smaller business, a company transitioning between CFOmanagement or downsizing, or simply a growing company moving towards the next level, but not yet ready to afford and add senior management to your payroll, outsourcing a Chief Financial Officer (CFO) or Controller can be your perfect solution.

In the role of advisor, we are available to offer high-level professional financial advice whether you need help for only a few or many hours a month, and for short or long term periods. You benefit because there is no financial burden of hiring a full-time CFO or Controller, which can add a salary expense ranging from mid $60,000 to over a six digit figure. Additionally there are no long-term commitments such as insurance or other benefits.

As an outsourced CFO or CONTROLLER some of the services offered are:

  • Assistance in Obtaining Financing: We can identify weaknesses and strengths on the balance sheet and income statement and prepare the financial information needed by the bank.
  • Develop Budgets: We can assist you in developing a plan for revenue and expense management to successfully grow the business.
  • Managing Cash: We can build a model to project your future cash-flow requirements and assist you in prioritizing your cash-flow needs.