Quickbooks Consulting

We can help you and your employees learn the software, so you can be better Certified Quickbooks ProAdvisor equipped to do your own bookkeeping and other functions.

The products supported include Quickbooks Basic, Pro, Premier and Enterprise.

Accounting and Bookkeeping

Our certified public accounting firm provides a wide variety of accounting and bookkeeping services. As a business owner or manager you receive concrete tangible benefits, such as savings in taxes, reduced operating costs, solutions to personnel costs and problems, advice on retirement plans, and even help with investments and\or loan decisions. You also receive intangible benefits by having a knowledgeable certified public accountant (C.P.A.) involved with your business and investments over a long period of time. It is satisfying to know that someone else, who has integrity and is professional, discreet and knowledgeable, knows what is going on in your business.

Financial Statement Services

Reviews, and compilations can help your business secure a loan, satisfy regulatory rules, or entice new investors.  A compilation is useful to small, privately held entities that need help in preparing their financial statements for insurance companies’ and\or securing a loan. A review, may also be needed for entities that must report their financial positions to third parties, such as creditors or regulatory agencies. Compilation or Reviewed financial statements may also be useful to business owners who are not actively involved in managing their companies.

It’s fairly common for lenders to request a compilation or review before they issue a small business loan. If the loan contains ongoing financial requirements — known as loan covenants — you’ll probably need to provide a compilation or reviewed financial statements for every year that the loan is outstanding.

A Compilation or Review can only be performed by a CPA who has been reviewed under the AICPA Peer Review program.

Christine’s current Peer Review document: Peer Review


To eliminate the extra work of adhering to accounting principles mandated by local government, funding agencies, some financial institutions, and investors we provide the services necessary to comply with the annual financial reporting known as GAAP-conversion or GAAP-conversion assistance. This process will only necessitate the conversion once a year so that you can continue to report financial transactions as needed for internal purposes using the method, if different then GAAP, adopted by government, management or the board of directors.